Flexi Charging Cable


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The Flexi Charging Cable is the world's most flexible iPhone dock! It is a cable, dock, tripod, and coiled stand rolled together into the world's most flexible cable ever! It's small enough to fit in your travel bag, but strong enough to hold your iPhone in nearly unlimited places in your office, nightstand, and kitchen. 

This is the only one cable, for a thousand uses that you need. Coil the Flexi Charging Cable up to enjoy a solid base, then enjoy having notifications and video at eye level! Whether you need a tripod on the beach or a recipe holder in the kitchen, the Flexi Charging Cable can be flexed and positioned for exactly what you need.

Charge cables take a beating. That's why we wrapped the Flexi Charging Cable with Military-Grade Nickel-Plated Steel and directly fused the connectors onto the metal. Say goodbye to frayed and damaged cables.

The Flexi Charging Cable is a flexible and eclectic stand, sync, and charging cable for your iPhone. You can coil it up for a desk dock, bend and flex it to turn your dock into a work of art, or wrap it around anything you can imagine. The uses are endless and there's no other dock with this much flexibility.