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NO TIME For Makeup?
NO SKILL To Makeup?
HAND SHAKE When Makeup?

Here is the solution for you, 6 IN 1 EyelinerStencil Models Template Shaper Tool. It is designing for makeup beginners to shape their eyelines. It keeps your finger stable and decrease shakes when drawing eyeline.

Two different kinds of curves and angles at both sides of this baffle, you can choose one side with best effect you like. A wonderful makeup tool for beginner. 

You can use the stencil to make as many unique individual designs as you like. Which it has six different types of cat eyeliner stencils with different sizes and different lengths one stencil for the perfect double winged eyeliner one stencil for fishtail eyeliner one stencil for extravagant cat eyeliner. 

It helps to create the perfect and unique cat eyes look and comes quite handy when you are in a rush or have limited time to apply your eyeliner makeup. It is easy to use, as the same design is used on both eyes to give the desired look.